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Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most important aspects of a divorce proceeding or a separation. It takes into account both the safety and welfare of a child, as well as what is in the best interest of each parent when determining who will be awarded primary physical custody.


When it comes to dangerous or unsafe environments, courts are likely to take extra precautions in order to protect any children involved. In such cases, visitation may only be granted if certain conditions are met, and supervised visits may be ordered so that someone else can monitor to make sure it is safe for all parties involved. Ultimately, the court will decide what type of contact and visitation schedule each parent should receive after carefully considering all evidence presented before them.


If you feel that your child is being abused, neglected or is in an unsafe environment, it’s time to consider hiring a professional to change the circumstances.


Some applicable reasons: child abuse, neglect, cohabitation, drug and alcohol abuse, parent spending very little time with the child during visitation, child having direct involvement with the other parent.


Global Defense Investigation has experienced investigators ready to assist with the child custody investigation process and provide usable data to make decisions with. Contact us today for more information!


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