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Private Investigators for Adultery Matters

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From GD Investigations in Woodbridge serving Fairfax County, Prince William & Richmond

Suspicious that your spouse or partner may be committing adultery? Beyond being a betrayal of trust and marital vows, the effects of a spouse committing adultery can be devastating to your mental, emotional, and even physical health.

If you suspect adultery, it’s critical to contact a licensed, experienced private investigator. It’s always wisest to act on physical proof and certainty, rather than making accusations based on suspicion, even if they’re true. A PI can provide photos, video, and other proof, as well as testify to what they witnessed.

At Global Defense Investigation, we’re located in Woodbridge and serve Fairfax County, Prince William, and Richmond. Contact us today to learn more.

Adultery On the Rise in Virginia

Adultery is no longer the exclusive domain of wealthy celebrities or politicians. It's become a common problem that affects people from all walks of life and social status. The availability of online dating, social media, and other communication tools makes it easier than ever for couples to engage in infidelity.


Cheating is on the rise as relationships become more vulnerable to outside influences. This is especially true in cases where one person has access to tech, such as smartphones and laptops that allow them to connect with someone outside of the relationship without their partner’s knowledge. In some cases, these connections can lead to physical encounters, which can have serious implications for the future of both partners involved.

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Signs of Possible Cheating

Being uncomfortable on the phone around your spouse/partner, being defensive when your spouse/partner asks you questions, deceiving statements after a direct question is asked, being absent and out of routine, the list goes on…


How PIs Help in Adultery Cases

Hiring a private investigator can be an effective way to uncover evidence of adultery if you suspect your spouse or partner may be cheating. If you suspect your spouse or partner of being deceitful in the relationship or marriage, finding a solution to the nightmare is critical, because lies and fights can lead to bigger problems that can be out of one’s control.

Why You Need an Investigator On Your Side

Have you witnessed unexplained changes in your spouse’s or partner’s behavior? 
Are they increasingly secretive? 
Do they hide their Internet use from you? 
Have you experienced sudden changes in your intimate relationship? 


Adultery is one likely explanation

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, why take the time to work with a private investigator? Simply put, a PI provides physical proof of infidelity and other behaviors that your attorney will need when you go to court. 

At Global Defense Investigation, we do more than simply provide photographs or video footage of infidelity. We provide your attorney with proof of your claims, as well as an established pattern of behavior that will stand up in court. 

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While no one wants to contemplate this situation, it’s crucial to establish important elements about the case and your spouse’s or partner’s behavior, including:

They are being dishonest and not doing what they should. Breach of trust is a serious consideration.

Infidelity often goes hand-in-hand with alcoholism or substance abuse. A private investigator tracks actions and activities to establish a pattern of behavior that can speak to alcoholism or addiction.

Infidelity can pose risks to children and can show a disregard for their well-being and safety. 


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