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Professional Fraud Investigations

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From GD Investigations Serving Woodbridge, Fairfax County, Prince William and Richmond

Did you know that identity fraud alone cost Americans $43 billion in 2023? 

While the first step in investigating fraud would require you to entrust the case with law enforcement, the red tape and extended time span may not provide a favorable outcome. If you’re a part of a government or private business entity, getting to the bottom of any fraud allegation quickly and efficiently may help save both your finances and reputation.

Enter GDI, a reliable agency you can count on for investigating identity, tax, immigration, and insurance fraud. Our team of professionals, who have more than two decades of experience, can ensure that you attain the relevant data and gather enough evidence to fast-track your case in court. We understand that fraud cases are often time sensitive, with each second lost making it possible for suspects to elude custody. That’s why we ascertain that you get the required services you ask for if you believe you’re a victim of fraud.

GDI helps you investigate your case, discreetly monitor the suspect, and enable your case with our access to government databases. You also get the advantage of active support from our contacts in the required government agencies, like the ICE. If you believe that you’re a victim of fraud, get in touch with our experts in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, or Fairfax County today.

What Kind Of Investigations Can GDI Help You With?

Cyber Fraud Investigation

Cyber Fraud is prevalent in the most common form around us, and it harms businesses, people, and organizations every passing day. They exist in the form of phishing scams, ransomware attacks, data breaches, or online shopping or auction scams


We help you mitigate these risks and recoup the consequences with our expertise and access to state-of-the-art data tracking software. Our team specializes in tracing cyber attacks to their sources and preserving digital evidence for court. We also specialize in accounts investigation to help alleviate any financial losses due to fraud.

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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Many states in the United States consider insurance fraud a crime and deem it fit to be persecuted at the federal level. However, millions of such cases still harass individuals, businesses, and insurance companies. Insurance frauds are usually based on false or inflated claims, orchestrated accidents, fake insurance premium sales, and identity theft. 

At GDI, we have a legally robust service module for investigating fraudulent insurance claims and protecting the interests of our clients. We seamlessly weave interviews with claimants and witnesses with the actively investigated evidence to procure you justice. 

Identity Theft Investigation

Identity theft has been around as a fraud activity for as long as humans have assumed identities. However, GDI offers a service that lets you ascertain that you don’t get punished for the crimes of another. Yes, the repercussions of identity theft fraud can be drastic because there’s no telling the fraudster’s purpose. They could claim to be you to mount your credit card bills, claim your insurance, or worse, commit a felony posing as you.  

That’s where we come in, with the team of specialists and world-class PIs to equip you with every little information you need to catch the perpetrator. After the identification of the fraudster, we also assist you in the post-accident recovery process, where we help you with the resources required to plan your identity resumption, build your credit score again, and put measures in place to prevent further such accidents. 


Corporate Fraud Investigation

Corporate frauds are nobody’s friend since they incur monumental financial damage across companies, affecting hundreds of lives working there. And they’re not even the fraudster’s friend because GDI Private Investigation Firm uncovers such frauds and sinister plans before they have the chance to gobble up your resources and flee.  

We have handled and set a robust portfolio of having worked with various cases of embezzlement, insider trading, financial irregularities, and other forms of corporate fraud. And how do we do it? Using a combination of forensic accounting, surveillance, and in-depth interviews. We catch the culprit for you and uncover their whole plans with proof to declaim them legally in court. 

Tax Fraud Investigation

Tax Fraud has been plaguing businesses and individuals to evade the tax laws and avoid paying the rightful amount. However, under 26 USC § 7201, willfully evading tax is a felony punishable by up to $100,000 in fines ($500,000 for corporations), up to 5 years in prison, or both. If multiple instances of tax evasion build up in your name, you could end up losing everything you own. It’s best to get on top of tax frauds by setting an eligible PI to investigate and come up with evidence to support their claims. 

To identify and investigate tax fraud, we analyze financial records, track illicit transactions, and identify discrepancies that can tell us if there’s fraudulent activity going on. Moreover, we also work seamlessly with tax authorities and legal experts to ensure our findings are legitimate and admissible in court. All in all, we do what we do best in case of tax fraud –  we settle tax disputes, recover owed taxes, and implement measures to prevent future occurrences.

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Why Choose GDI for Fraud Investigation?

Fraud comes in various types and forms, and recognizing them can be hard sometimes. Falling prey to them doesn’t put the blame on you. Moreover, GDI makes sure you are always one step ahead with our top-notch services tailored to your unique needs: 


Access to Reliable Databases

No investigation has been successful without needing to pull some info from databases to cross-check. GDI has access to trustworthy databases at the federal and state levels to make the process of verification more accurate and reliable. 


Tailored Packages

Everyone’s needs are different, and our resources and efforts vary based on those needs. Of course, the package that we sketched out also varies based on your needs. Each service module is hand-crafted for you, and you will be charged exactly for that, not a dime over. 


Legal Compliance and Support

Legal experts are our constant companions when we take on a case. This ensures that our investigations are thorough and legally admissible because if not, what’s the point, right? Our detailed reports provide solid evidence that can support legal actions, helping you pursue justice and recover losses.


Discreet and Confidential Service

If we can’t promise you our discretion, we can’t promise anything! Working discreetly and keeping all your information confidential is our modus operandi. Our experts are trained to work without attracting unwanted attention so as not to alert the perpetrator or potentially put you or your cause in danger. 


Thorough and Comprehensive Investigations

GDI believes in conducting thorough and comprehensive research to investigate fraud. Whether it is credit checks, criminal activities, or educational qualifications, we like to be thorough with our subjects and include every little detail in a single report file for your convenience. 


Get in touch with GD Investigations for Fraud Investigation in Northern Virginia

GD Investigations serves clients in Fairfax County, Prince William, Richmond, and throughout Northern Virginia by offering fraud investigation and other expert investigative services.

Reach out to us right now for a quote or a case assessment.

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