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Fraud Insurance Investigations Woodbridge, Fairfax County VA

GDI provides professional Insurance Fraud Investigations for clients in Woodbridge, Prince William, Richmond& Fairfax County VA.


Professional Insurance Fraud Investigations

From GD Investigations Serving Woodbridge, Fairfax County, Prince William and Richmond

According to the FBI, insurance fraud costs the average American family between $400 and $700 in the form of increased insurance premiums each year.

The effects are much more significant for government agencies and business entities. In most states, it’s compulsory to grant your employees insurance coverage as part of their compensation package. However, you can’t always be sure that their insurance claims are always genuine. And business insurance fraud is at an all time high.

As an individual, you might not have the resources to conduct an investigation on your own, and leaving everything to law enforcement may result in a lot of waiting and red tape.

That’s when you need a professional PI to determine whether someone is committing insurance fraud. We at GDI have the assets and skills needed to conduct a thorough investigation.

If you’re looking to investigate any kind of suspected insurance fraud in Richmond, Fairfax County, or anywhere in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia region, GDI can help. We can not only help you get to the truth of the matter, but also let you gather enough evidence to fast-track court proceedings.

What Kind of Insurance Fraud does GDI Cover?

Thanks to our professionals with decades of experience in fraud investigations, GDI covers a wide range of insurance fraud. A few of the ones that our clients most encounter are as follows:

Healthcare Insurance Fraud

Healthcare is a right of every American citizen. Nevertheless, there are times when a few notorious people might abuse that right and file a false bill of claims. Companies offering insurance often come across cases where an injury is exaggerated, or the benefits are paid in the name of someone who isn’t entitled to the insurance in the first place.

Healthcare insurance fraud can also include billing for already settled dues, stating more expensive services than what was required, fake casualty claims, and submission of forged documents regarding disability that the subscriber doesn’t have.

Workers with Masks

Worker’s Compensation Fraud

Workers comp is a valuable source of income for those who have been let go from their jobs. There may be cases when workers who have left one job claim compensation while having another full-time occupation.

Worker’s compensation fraud may also include fake injury claims, claiming injury at work while it happened elsewhere, under-reporting payroll, or even employers claiming compensation in the name of their employees.

Agent/Industry Fraud

Insurance agents and companies may also potentially commit fraud. Many agents often steal the premiums for themselves instead of submitting them to the authorized account.

Agents and companies may also engage in unlicensed or unauthorized activity, such as falsifying information for a customer so that they are incentivized to buy a more expensive policy instead of something that may suit their lifestyle. We have also encountered cases where the company held up the compensation even though all the claims were valid as per the terms of services.

Industrial Building
home keys

Homeowner Insurance Fraud

Having insurance for your home is a must. However, there are cases when homeowners falsify claims of damage to their property, burglary, or theft.

Our teams have investigated cases of intentional property damage property, sometimes using contractors to commit arson, to claim insurance money.

Auto Insurance Fraud

This is the most widespread insurance fraud in America, accounting for more than $300 billion in losses each year, according to data by the IIHS. Whether car dealerships deliberately damage their vehicles or customers file false claims, almost every manufacturer suffers from this type of fraud.

If you’re looking for investigations into fraud types other than insurance, check out our Fraud Investigations services and the kinds of cases we specialize in. You can also get in touch with our experts through email or phone.


Benefits of Contracting GDI When Investigating Insurance Fraud

When you contract GDI to investigate a suspected insurance fraud, there are several advantages that you won’t get from law enforcement or even other PIs including:


Cost-effective plans for every budget

GDI has a wide range of plans and resources that you can afford. Before we take up any case, our experts walk you through the induction process of what you can expect with the money you pay.


An experienced team of experts running advanced equipment

At GDI, each member of our team has investigated cases related to fraud. They also enjoy access to state-of-the-art equipment for physical and digital investigations along with access to most government databases for identity verification.


Robust privacy policy that doesn’t violate the Fourth Amendment

While we deliver verifiable information for every client, we still uphold the law applicable to the state of operations. Our team is careful not to violate the privacy of any subject during investigation and never shares our findings with third-party sources. To our clients, we only offer the information necessary for evidence in court, censuring any private information.


Flexible schedules and updated reports on all cases

We pride ourselves on sticking to routine and delivering constant updates on all cases to all our clients. Our teams are capable of remaining flexible with all our clients' schedules, letting them rest easy knowing that we’re employing all the required resources to ensure a transparent outcome.


Get in touch with the best private investigation agency today.

If you’re looking for private investigators who specialize in insurance fraud, we’d be happy to help. Our offices are located in Washington D.C., Fairfax Country, and Northern Virginia, although we might be able to take up cases across all states.

Simply email or call the number mentioned below, and a member of our staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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