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Professional Surveillance Services


Now Available in Fairfax County, Prince William and Richmond

GD Investigations is your one-stop destination for all private surveillance needs. Thanks to our decades of experience, we understand what kind of services are in demand and maintain a pool of skilled professionals ready to answer your call. 

Whether you’re tracking vehicles, verifying worker’s comp, or investigating missing resources, our surveillance services ensure you get the necessary details to make the correct decisions without violating any legal boundaries.

Today, information is the most effective tool for government and corporate entities. However, not all the information about specific personnel or organizations can be obtained from public records. 

Certain circumstances mandate independent investigations and proactive surveillance to guarantee that you have accurate details of any person of interest or whether certain companies truly live up to their potential.

Why Would I Need Surveillance From a Private Investigator?

Businesses and government agencies often lack the resources to conduct legal surveillance on specific individuals or resources. Contrary to popular belief, surveillance is not limited to clandestine agencies and corporate espionage. Companies like Facebook and Google utilize user-generated data all the time to recommend specific services and streamline their advertising.

While employees and customers are protected from accessing their personal resources and data under the Fourth Amendment, there is no law restricting businesses from monitoring their employees, even during breaks. That becomes more imperative when your employees are in possession of company property, such as mobile phones, laptops, data drives, and vehicles.

Consulting a private investigator lets you know the precise circumstances and resources required for any type of surveillance needs you may require. Whether it’s securing data on your devices or GPS tracking for vehicles, they can advise on the most efficient methodology that fit your budget.


Not Familiar With Surveillance-For-Hire Services? Don’t Worry, We Have You Covered!

We often encounter clients who are concerned about maintaining legal boundaries and respecting the privacy of their people. With our decades of experience and a pool of talented professionals, we understand just what they need. Our intake form establishes a valid baseline for the operation, while our team can use advanced analytics and deductive reasoning to recommend an adequate budget and procedure.

We also assist in navigating the legal aspects of any request and delivering only the required surveillance data. Our experts can help you understand the extent of various laws applicable in any state that affect your right to survey an individual. Any unsolicited surveillance our team might stumble upon is edited out to keep our client’s integrity and legal circumstances intact.

There are two critical aspects you need to consider regarding surveillance:

Tracking Resources With GPS: Vehicles or electronic devices you own or have a legal title to can be equipped with a GPS device. The tracking data provides evidence on where the asset has been and establishes a routine for the subject’s commutes. It’s quite cost effective and the data can be ported to any device with a digital screen.

Stationary Surveillance: Our team can establish a stationary surveillance post that delivers timely information on a subject’s status. They can tell you where the subject works, how long they stay, any odd habits, etc.

What Are the Critical Elements of Conducting Surveillance?

There are several elements you get access to when you hire GDI to conduct surveillance of any subject:

Timeline documentation of the subject and paramour activity, created with detailed reports to let you analyze and make your own decisions regarding their behavior.

Hourly updates with real-time photos and timestamps, so you know precisely how long our team has been monitoring the subject and how much funds might be added to your billing.

Precise communication through our intuitive chat portal that lets you securely communicate with our professionals in place. They can let you understand the finer details of the situation and keep you updated on any developments.

State-of-the-art surveillance equipment and advanced technology that make spy thrillers look like child’s play. We use only the best audio and visual surveillance software alongside the most secure tracking software for all the required devices. Rest assured, you’re paying for the best professionals and equipment that money can buy.

Image by Ali Hajian

What Kind of Surveillance Can GDI Provide?

We have come across numerous cases that require surveillance to establish a genuine narrative. These include the following:

Adultery scenarios help determine whether your partner is having an affair, providing you with clearer terms on your relationship and admitting evidence in court.

Child custody scenarios can help you determine whether a child is getting adequate care or if CPS needs to be involved.

Basic surveillance for your property and mobile resources that your employees/customers might carry with them.

Counter surveillance scenarios where you might investigate if someone else is conducting a surveillance operation on you.

Cohabitation scenarios where you might determine that two people live together lawfully and in harmony. Much of the surveillance data is admissible in court should a dispute arise.

There are criminal scenarios in which you might confirm the legal grounds of an immigrant or prospective employee before hiring them into your organization.

Missing person scenarios where we might help you track down individuals, determining whether they’re actually in trouble or might be running an insurance scam.


GDI provides you the best and brightest in private surveillance that money can buy. With our expertise and technology, you can get the data you need without crossing any legal boundaries or paying for wasteful resources. If you’re looking for surveillance-for-hire services in Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia, connect with us today!

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