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Courthouse Research

Courthouse research retrieval is an open, reliable source that our Agents use to collect data while conducting an investigation for our clients. It allows GDI investigators to collect data from a variety of sources that are related to the case at hand. Courthouse research can be used to uncover pertinent information that cannot be found elsewhere, and utilizing this type of research can help investigators build a stronger and more comprehensive case.


When conducting courthouse research, investigators must take into consideration the various types of records they might need to complete their investigation. Court documents may include arrest records, indictments, legal pleadings, and jury verdicts. Additionally, public records such as marriage licenses and property deeds may also be necessary for certain investigations. The process of retrieving these documents can sometimes involve a lengthy search through both online databases and physical court files located at county courthouses or other government agencies.


Global Defense has the tools, resources, and investigators to help with the courthouse research retrieval process. Contact us today for more information!


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